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The Lord Leycester Hospital has secured a £1.4 million pound National Lottery Heritage Fund grant! Read all about it by clicking the links below:




The beautiful buildings of the Lord Leycester Hospital sit at the top of the list of the most important and intact medieval buildings in England.

Architecturally they are priceless!

Aesthetically they are enchanting!

Historically they are fascinating!

We step back in time to over 700 years ago when the Guilds of Warwick built these half-timbered buildings as the centre of their activity – a Guildhall for meetings, a Great Hall for entertaining, and a kitchen – all built around the Chapel of St James.

Changes were brought in during the Elizabethan age, when the Queen’s close friend, the dashing Robert Dudley Earl of Leycester, was given the site by the Guildsmen to create a “Hospital” – a place of sanctuary, to take care of fallen and deserving warriors known as the Brethren and their appointed Master. Whilst maintaining this 450-year-old tradition, the Lord Leycester Hospital has evolved into a modern charity – Warwick’s answer to the Royal Hospital Chelsea except smaller and older, with the Brethren and Master still living within the walls.

Our refurbishment and improvement project will enhance these extraordinary spaces and aim to create a visitor experience in 2023 that will take you back in time to the medieval age and usher you back through the centuries to the Lord Leycester Hospital of the modern day.


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