The Fusilier Museum Warwick

The Fusilier Museum Warwick tells the fascinating story of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment from 1674 to its successor The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers today.

Pageant House
2 Jury Street
CV34 4EW
Tel: 01926258288


Visit the Fusilier Museum Warwick and discover a hidden gem!

The Fusilier Museum Warwick brings the past to life and tells the personal stories of soldiers in the local area. It spans over 350 years of the Royal Warwickshire’s history, from its inception in 1674 right through to the Fusiliers of today including stories from more recent conflicts in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

The newly curated museum is family friendly and has two rooms full of interesting items from the collection including uniform, weapons, medals, and personal items such as diaries and letters from the museum’s collection as well as a NEW replica WW1 trench for everyone to experience and enjoy. It also includes displays on Bobby the regimental mascot, Hannah Snell, who disguised herself as a male soldier, Euan Lucie-Smith, the first officer of mixed heritage to join the British Army in WW1, and two famous Field Marshals from WW2 – Montgomery and Slim. Visitors can also look at the Bairnsfather cartoons, listen to veterans’ experiences of D-Day and discover the personal stories behind the medals of both World Wars.

Opening hours vary – please visit the website for further details.

Adults £5
Concessions £4 (Serving military, Veterans, 65+, Students)
Children free.
Carers free.
Purchase one ticket only for all year round access. 

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